The Impact of Judo on Motor and Learning Delayed Children-Author: Dr Esme-Joan Redpath


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About the Author

She is currently staying in Perth, Australia where she coaches Judo at her club Elite Judo.

She has been involved in Judo for the past 40 years, first as player then as coach and administrator. She has been coaching at her own Judo club (Elite Judo club) for the past 40 years. She was involved in many successful development projects and players were excelling at a fast rate. She used to be the Judo Manager of the Judo Project at the Free State Sport Science Institute. <br>There are many highlights in her Judo career and just to highlight a few the following will be mentioned: She is a 5th Dan and level 4 coach. She has been involved in coaching for the past 34 years. She represented her country as player and as coach a number of times. She has coached many National and provincial players, as well as players representing Judo South Africa at International events. During her years as Senior Protea Ladies coach 3 female players managed to win Gold medals at the African Championships.<br> Over the years she served on various provincial and national level Judo committees. Over the years she received various awards due to excellent Judo contributions; e.g.: Lifelong member of Judo South Africa Judo and of the Southern Free State Judo. She was nominated by the International Judo Federation for the 2011 African continent International Olympic Committee Woman & Sport Awards. This competition was open for all Olympic sport. She obtained a 3rd place for her contribution towards Judo as administrator and as coach in all of Africa. <br>She used to be the High Performance Director of Judo South Africa. Just to mention a few of her tasks the following is done: Responsible for presenting various Judo coaching courses for players from the age of 9 up to senior level. Carry out in-depth planning, administration and management of all Judo High Performance aspects. Implementing and supervising the development of Provincial level strategies to al High Performance players and coaches. Executing budgeting preparations with active involvement in Provincial and National Judo and qualification of Judo players for the International Judo circuit

“Versatile movements are performed while practising judo, resulting in the child’s learning many new movements which not only enhance motor development but also cognitive and socio-emotional development. “


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